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Lyrical Walls

Weekly lyrical wallpaper challenges

Weekly Lyrical Wallpaper Challenges
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Lyrical Walls is a livejournal community that holds weekly challenges to make wallpapers. Basically we give you a random lyric, and you have to make a wallpaper from it expressing the ideas found in the lyric. Now, here's the catch. You can't actually use any images of the band members or anything to do with the band affiliated with the lyric. We're not looking for wallpapers of Gerard Way surrounded by pink flashing hearts. One of the things we aim for in this community is to spread liberation of lyrics rather than looks. You must be willing to comply by this if you wish to join. Lastly, the moderators are trusttheonions and guitarsrawesome. Their contact info is at the bottom, you can ask them about any problems and/or questions you may have.
Commuunity Rules
1. Do not vote for yourself. This is a no-brainer. Don't do it, your vote won't be counted and we will laugh at you.

2. Please submit wallpapers as a link and thumbnail preview only. No fullsize images on the journal, it will stretch our lovely layout. Imageshack allows you to post preview thumbnails of large images, I suggest you use that.

3. No animated wallpapers. Not many people do it but I thought I'd just mention it.

4. Voting is final. Once the votes are tallied, and winners are announced, don't come asking for a recount. I assure you, the results are correct. If you didn't win, don't throw a fit. Just try again next time.

5. If you would like to request/suggest a lyric for an upcoming challenge, we would love to hear from you! All you have to do is e-mail your suggestion including lyric, album name and artist to one of the communities maintainers (find contact details further down). Please be aware that we have the right and obligation to refuse any suggestions we consider inappropriate - remember, these challenges let people interpret lyrics in different ways, so we can't very well hold a challenge for 'beyotch, damn u fine'. I'm sure you understand.

6. Occasionally, I will post the mp3 of the song for the featured lyric. However, it takes a long time to upload, and I wont do it every week, so please don't ask me to. Just think of it as a bonus.

7. The images you use in your wallpapers can be photos you or a friend have taken personally, found online at places such as sxc.hu or deviantArt, or hand/digitally drawn yourself. You can NOT use images you have obtained illegally for used without the permission of the owner. We will know if you do, cause we're trying to psyche you out.

8. Your wallpaper must express one or more ideas described in the lyric. We're not looking for a college level analysis, but if it's a very dark lyric, we're not looking for a field of dasies. Your entries will be voted on not only for graphic talent, but also relevance to the lyric/song
Challenge Rules
1. Wallpapers only, please. No banners, icons, blinkies etc. Just wallpapers

2. Standard size for wallpapers is 1024x768. We would appreciate it if you would keep your wallpapers close to this size, if not exactly.

3. You many use any pictures that you have the rights or permission to use. See 'Community Rules, #7'

4. One entry per person, per challenge

5. .gif, .png, .jpg formats only please.

6. The lyrics we give you MUST be displayed somewhere on the wallpaper. You may shorten them if you want, as long as it doesn't drastically change their meaning.

7. See below for an example of how to submit an entry.

8. No images of or affiliated with the lyric's band may be used.

9. NO anime or manga pics may be used in your entry. Sorry guys.
How to submit an entry
When submitting an entry, please set it out like this:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


with the thumbnail link to the larger image and the link underneath. Thank you kindly.
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Contact Information
If you have a question, suggestion, or comment that you would like to take up with the maintainers of the community, here's where we tell you how to get hold of us! You can contact either;

Sarah [trusttheonions]
Amanda [guitarsrawesome]
While you're here, please take the time to visit our wonderful affiliates!

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